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from 22€
Duration : 120 minute(s)
From 16 years
Difficulty 5 / 5
Adult accompanist : Mandatory
Confirmation : Immediate

BLACKOUT outdoor escape game at Bois Plage in Ré.

A unique activity on the Ile de Ré. Outdoor escape game.

The Story: Blackout is a cyber espionage and hacking game set in the modern universe. An unknown group of hackers has hacked into a power plant in the city, causing one of the greatest threats of modern times: a blackout throughout the city!

The consequence is the complete collapse of the modern world as we know it. Unbeknownst to the populace, the player town is currently running on backup power. They only have a limited time to stop the pirates, restore power, and avert the greatest disaster in modern history!

Your mission :

1/ Three main power nodes and a secret backup generator can control the city's power grid. Your team must find these power nodes and activate them.

2/ You will need to find the secret emergency generator and restart it to restore power to the city!

Each team consists of 2 to 6 people and must connect different stages, guided by the GPS of the tablet. Each stage corresponds to a test: puzzles, questions of observation or heritage, mechanisms to thwart, interactions with Laura... The latter will help players in difficulty and can give them clues.

As this is a mission of the utmost importance to the whole world, the city is full of agents from different organizations and stakeholders who are either on the same mission as your team or double agents who want you stop! To protect the team against possible adversaries, we have equipped each team with a unique new skill: hacking! Teams should use this new skill with caution.

Each team will be equipped with a unique case called ""ActionPack"".This ActionPack is designed to make the story fully immersive and interactive, making it authentic through awesome items, unique props and hidden clues

The formula includes

IPad et Action Pack et ces accessoires de qualités


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Meeting place

22 Avenue Victor Bouthillier