Einstein "The Last Secret"

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from 22€
Duration : 120 minute(s)
From 16 years
Difficulty 4 / 5
Adult accompanist : Mandatory
Confirmation : Immediate

THE DEATH OF EINSTEIN ""THE LAST SECRET"" (14 years and over) Only on ST MARTIN de Ré

A unique activity on the Ile de Ré.

For this Outdoor Escape Game, Adventurers are Wanted to solve Albert Einstein's last secret.

The story: Albert Einstein died in 1955 under mysterious conditions. To find out how Albert Einstein died taking with him his last secret. No one expected the genius scientist to hide a powerful artifact in a mysterious box. Wanting his secret to be discovered by worthy adventurers after his death, he placed clues all over the world. To date, no one has managed to find the secret. But that will change with a single delivery note and a mysterious delivery.

Luckily, Einstein sent you a package containing items that will help you solve the puzzles. Einstein has scattered several clues around the city to help you get to certain places.One of them is a compass, which you'll need to calibrate before it points you in the direction of Einstein's secret. Find the secret before it falls into the wrong hands! Good luck.

Thanks to our high-tech tablets, the action pack containing various documents, objects and the clues distilled by EINSTEIN, you will have to find the GPS points with the Compass, find clues, you will have to thwart the set traps, open a real chest and resolve the cause of his death. One of our most difficult escapes...

An Actionpack with unique gadgets. The exclusive "The Last Secret" Action Pack gives this mission extra immersion. The ActionPack is specially designed in the style of the game and includes historical photos and journals, an audio transmitter and more. Plus: Various models that players have to scan with the iPad to solve exciting puzzles in augmented reality.


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